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What is Amino

Amino is a handheld mini-spectrometer powerful enough to detect the tiny molecules which make up our favorite foods and drinks.  As each person has a fingerprint, every molecule has a “spectral fingerprint”.  With each scan, Amino’s simple non-invasive and non-destructive light source shines onto any object and senses these molecules through a process called spectroscopy.  We then instantly transmit the data to our cloud-based artificial intelligence program and Heyo Presto calculate how many proteins, carbs, and fats are in that delicious meal!

Our mission is simple, to get you in touch with your food so that you can make the healthiest choices.  We invented Amino to be the first true device that not only saves you time, but reassures you that what you eat is the best quality and freshest food available.  Whether you are a farm-to-table connoisseur, a person with diet restrictions, or the one who shops and prepares wholesome meals for the family dining table, Amino belongs to you.

Our App

It is our goal to provide not only accurate data, but USEFUL data!  We are designing our diet journal app accompanying each Amino to seamlessly record and organize your meals with precision to save you precious time.  Anyone who has ever been conscious of their diet knows how time consuming filling out traditional meal journals represents.  This is where we shine– each scan takes less than 3 seconds from start to finish.  Imagine that, in under three seconds you can have an accurate representation of how many calories are in your meal.

Step 1 – Point Amino at your food;
Step 2 – Press the scan button on the app;
Step 3 – (Optional) Click save to include this meal in your diet journal.
It really is as easy as 1 -2 -3, and under 3 seconds.

We recognize that every member of the mBody Health community has their own unique dietary goals, and want to support and celebrate them with an easy to use and highly customizable app experience.  After a quick input of your particulars, every user will have the option to tailor your food journal to empower your diet choices.  Watching your carbs? No problem.  You can easily set your daily meal goals to reflect a limited carb intake for either a short restriction of a few weeks or a longer lifestyle choice.  Bulking up for a flex-a-thon?  The Amino app can ensure you are hitting your protein marks so you can put down that calculator and grab some cold iron.  Get swole!

Premium Features

Amino is actually so much more than just a revolutionary new way to track and organize your diet.  We are working on developing powerful tools which will expand the data received to encompass more of our customers’ needs.  Tracking critical elements from gluten and MSG, to detecting the authenticity of real versus fake alcohol (wine and spirits) in geographic areas where this is a significant problem, are just a few of the premium features we aim to make available upon launch.  We are also working with the local police and crime laboratories in order to develop the Amino to detect the presence of dangerous substances in cocktails and food.  There are opportunities everywhere, from agricultural applications to education, feel free to contact us about developing what is important to you.  We have an amazing team of scientists and engineers that are here to help!

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Register now to be involved in the food revolution.  We will be rolling out new features at a rapid pace as we become fully funded and can’t wait to share all of the new goodies with you.  We are also reaching out to famous chefs and foodies to bundle exciting offers together exclusively for our community.  Love, live, and embody your light!

Our Team

Sean O’Brien
Founder and C.E.O.

Heather Hughes
Director of Global Strategy and Digital Media

Jin Lee
Chief Technology Officer

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