Imagine the power of being connected to your food and diet in a whole new way.  We know you take your health seriously, and before now, the only way to know what was in your food was to rely on labels.  What happened if you were out at your favorite restaurant, did your meal come with a nutritional guide, or were you just guessing?  Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

We invented Amino to ensure that every bite of food our users take is as nutritious as promised.  Combining cutting edge nanotechnology and health science, our miniature device scans your food; drinks; and even raw produce in seconds to deliver a powerful set of information for your dietary needs.  With a simple point and scan of our non-invasive, non-destructive light source, Amino reads the molecular makeup of any food or beverage and tells you the nutritional components  on our app.

We are working hard to bridge the divide between technology and health, so you can love your body and food even more.